New Year Clean-Out

New Year. It’s always a time of cleaning and decluttering for me, and today it’s all about books!


Anyhow the point is that it’s it’s time to sort out everything and clean it out for the new year.


You’ll find that your taste in books may have changed from the last time you added those billions of books, so clean some out. Do it. Just go through your TBR and remove a few. Sounds horrible and terrifying, but for me I got rid of at least 5 books because hey I wasn’t ever going to get to all of them and my tastes have changed + if you can’t part with any of your books well past you has good taste then because mine didn’t.


Just straighten your shelves out. With all that photo taking sometimes I just chuck them back where they used to be and they’re all CROOKED and ugh. So do that. It’ll take a few minutes and your shelves will look better.

If you want to be extra then you can re-organise your bookshelves. Change how you order your books. Colour? Height? Genre? Maybe unhaul some books as well (make space for all those new releases). For me I don’t have a lot of books so there’s nothing to unhaul but you might have a lot who knows. Do you really need that second copy and are you really gonna keep that book? Donate to your library/bookstore or give it away to someone who might read it!


SORT OUT YOUR TAGS. I suck with keeping up with these but right now I only have like 8 left. Don’t procrastinate. They look long and scary but one you start you’ll be done in 10 minutes. Plus, you’ll find you actually have a lot of dupes and crossing that out will make everything seem easier.

So that’s all I can offer, if you actually do these things then you’ll feel better trust me, but then again things always get messy again so there’s that.


Talk To Me

How is you bookshelf organised? Do you keep up with tags? Or are there too many? How is you TBR as well? Insane like most of us? Or are you that rare and lucky organised person?

Until next time,



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